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Transformational Healing Coach for Women in Midlife


Hi, I’m Beth Carroll — a certified, trauma-informed life coach who specializes in recovery for women in midlife after debilitating life experiences. Imagine leaving the pain and trauma of the past behind and confidently embracing a future filled with fulfillment and joy. This can be you!

Discover the life-changing solution that helped me rise above despair and reclaim my happiness after a devastating divorce and the deaths of my parents. Like you, I once felt disoriented and shattered, believing that joy would forever elude me. I tried countless self-help books, talk therapy sessions, meditation, yoga, and gym visits, seeking temporary relief from the emotional anguish that haunted me. Yet, I always found myself trapped in the same cycle of pain.

But then I found the key that unlocked lasting transformation and brought true healing into my life. I released the trauma stored in my body and my subconscious through Rapid Reprogramming and trauma-informed somatic methodology. Let me share this powerful work with you, allowing you to break free from despair and embrace a future filled with genuine joy. Experience the power of lasting transformation and healing 
and say goodbye to temporary fixes and hello to a life of fulfillment.

Your brighter future awaits!

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Beth Carroll

My journey of self-discovery and renewal after
spousal abandonment and loss empowered me to
help you rediscover confidence & joy in your own life. 

Reclaiming Your Life: The Rapid Reprogramming Transformation

Freedom from the pain and trauma of your spouse leaving

I've been there... and I have a healing method that works.

The shock of my spouse's sudden departure from

our family after building a life together for 25+ years, left me nonfunctional. My father had just passed and we were already in deep grief. The depth of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness was debilitating. I had obsessive thoughts and an extreme fear of the future. I'd built my entire life around our family. The despair was real and it was not going away... and then my mom died. I wondered if I'd ever recover.


After months of depression and profound grief, I decided that I wanted my life back. I needed to learn who I was on my own and understand that I'd be okay - that what happened did NOT ruin me. Through Rapid Reprogramming and somatic trauma processing methodology, I released the pain of loss, let go of old ways of thinking, and began to create a new life. The possibilities were endless and, best of all, it was up to me!

Through Rapid Reprogramming, the divorce that I once viewed as a setback transformed into an opportunity for personal growth. I worked through the grief stemming from the sudden loss of my parents and reclaimed control of my life. After releasing dysfunctional thought patterns, letting go of despair and hopelessness, and embracing a new perspective, I  rediscovered the joy of living. This transformative methodology not only saved my life but also liberated me from the pain that was holding me back and haunting me.

Let me guide you on your journey to freedom! Through the effective Rapid Reprogramming method combined with trauma-informed somatic work, together we will navigate your transformation from hopelessness and fear to a place of confidence, peace, and thriving!

women showing feeling of freedom in the outdoors

The Rapid Reprogramming Advantage

The Rapid Reprogramming method is a subconscious healing program that offers lasting change. This methodology is based on neuroscience. We will retrain your brain and get to the source of your pain and healing blocks. You will see things differently  and realize how YOU are in control. We focus on thoughts and beliefs instead of emotions. You will no longer feel victimized, hurt, and angry. You will be empowered and released from the confusion and pain holding you back. 


It's time for YOU. It's time to move forward, taking your life back! YOU can move beyond grief and feelings of abandonment to find a life of peace, confidence, and joy.


I'm here for YOU! In just 10 to 12 sessions, you will transform your life.

Book a discovery call to learn more!


Spousal Abandonment Recovery Coaching
Recovery after your husband leaves

One-on-One Coaching

Personalized Guidance to Unlock Your Full Potential

In one-on-one coaching sessions with me, you receive personal support and guidance for your transformational journey. Using the effective tools of 

subconscious reprogramming  and trauma-informed somatic processing, I show you how to address the disabling thoughts that exist from years of past programming. This subconscious brain training provides valuable insights into your thinking. You will identify and release trauma responses including negativity and self-blame to make space for true belief in your self-worth and beautiful possibilities for your future.


One-on-one sessions tailored to your recovery journey after your husband leaves

Facebook Group

Join a Vibrant Community for Inspiration and Support

Connect with a group of women working on their recovery using Rapid Reprogramming and embodied processing. Hear their stories and what is working for them. Share successes and struggles others can relate to because they are on a similar healing journey. 

Join for tips, reminders, and resources for continued success and support. You are not alone in this experience. This happens to many of us every day. We are healing together. Let's be in community along the way. 

Coming Soon!


Recover and heal

Retreats - Coming Soon

Embark on Transformative Journeys in Serene Retreats

As 2024 unfolds, prepare for an empowering experience with our support retreats in the stunning Arizona desert. These retreats are specially designed for women on the journey of reclaiming their lives after loss. Picture a few days filled with healing activities, transformative workshops, and the warm camaraderie of women who understand your path.


Stay tuned for more details and become part of this exciting venture. Sign up for our exclusive retreat updates and be part of a community that grows stronger daily! 


“I felt calm and healthier after the sessions with you as my coach. Your patience and knowledge allowed me to access abilities I wasn’t seeing prior. Since our session I have more confidence and clarity to take my next steps..”

Tara D.


Ready to start your transformational journey or simply want to learn more?

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