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Are you navigating the challenges and chaos of sudden divorce, sudden loss, or other profound life changes in midlife? You are not alone. You are are among many women who are bravely confronting these challenges at this moment.


With Beth Carroll Coaching, I will kick-start your journey from the pain of loss to a radiant life of peace and joy. Transform heartache into a new life chapter filled with endless possibilities!

Meet Beth

Beth Carroll image
Reclaim your life after your husband leaves

I successfully overcame the debilitating emotions resulting from my spouse's sudden departure after being married for 25 years and the sudden death of both parents, thanks to the transformative power of Rapid Reprogramming and releasing trauma through somatic methods.


Embracing midlife divorce and being a source of empowerment for women who feel abandoned and adrift is my mission. I am fully certified and expertly trained in the synergy of subconscious reprogramming, and trauma-informed methods. I combine this knowledge with empathy for your unique journey while guiding you through transformative change and emotional recovery.

I firmly believe that growth and recovery after experiencing profound loss and emotional turmoil is possible. I will show you how to reach those goals. Don't let the deep grief of sudden loss define you. Rediscover joy in this new chapter. There is a beautiful life awaiting you beyond your pain! Let's get started!


  • Certified Rapid Reprogramming Coach - The Thought Work Institute

  • Trauma-Informed Coaching Certificate - The Centre for Healing

  • Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization - University of Pennsylvania/Coursera

  • BA, Psychology

Who I Help

I am dedicated to helping women in midlife navigate the challenges of sudden loss and transition. I deeply understand the unique challenges you face - the unexpected emotional turmoil, the restructuring of life, and the journey to rediscovery. In a safe and supportive environment, we'll work towards moving forward into a peaceful, fulfilling life, empowering you to look ahead with confidence and hope.

How I Do It

In my coaching, I combine neuroscience-based Rapid Reprogramming™ with trauma-informed methods to address the root of your emotional pain. This is designed to effectively release deep-seated anger and pain, overcome shame, and foster healing from within. By integrating Rapid Reprogramming with other proven strategies, I develop a customized approach for every client. My goal is to facilitate lasting transformation by rewiring limiting thought patterns and beliefs that impede your progress. Together, we work towards a future where you can embrace life with renewed strength and joy.

A Recovery Roadmap

Beth Carroll Coaching opens the door to a transformative journey, where you'll gain tools, resources, and a fresh perspective after a sudden loss. Release fear and uncertainty, and embrace confidence and clarity. Together, we'll overcome challenges, let go of the past, and welcome a future filled with possibilities. Learn practical strategies for managing thoughts and emotions, creating a reality of peace, joy, and new opportunities.

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